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A Writer, Director, Producer, and Visual Effects (VFX) Supervisor, Kalyan Sura is a virtuoso storyteller from South India who creates original live-action and animation stories featuring South Asians and other minorities.

Kalyan is an alum of the University of Southern California's film program and a member of the prestigious Visual Effects Society and Screen Writers Association of India. Kalyan’s past works include independent films and multi-million-dollar Hollywood Blockbusters like How to Train Your Dragon 2, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, Men In Black: International. 

Kalyan’s short ‘THE LIE GAME’ achieved the rare distinction as the first sci-fi short featuring an all-South-Asian cast to be distributed by DUST, Youtube’s largest sci-fi short film channel. His sci-fi feature script ‘MEMORY LANES’ placed in the top 0.1% of a Netflix-supported contest, and his animation pilot ‘JACKIE & JILAL’ has placed highly in industry-respected writing contests. Kalyan’s Netflix-backed short immigrant drama ‘DOS BROS FORCE’ has raked up several awards and is continuing a strong film-festival run.

Currently, Kalyan is developing genre scripts with South Asian leads for his feature film debut. With his work, Kalyan aspires to create strong and inspiring role models in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Animation for a new generation of viewers.

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