Jyothi Kalyan Sura is a storyteller, an engineer, and a leader. 


Since childhood, Kalyan exhibited extraordinary skills in both academic and extracurricular activities and was aptly recognized as the Best All-Rounder in high school. He enrolled in Computer Science Engineering for undergraduate studies at BITS Pilani, a premier technology institute in India, where ironically, he discovered his love for the Arts. He served as the head of the Creative Arts Society of his university. By the end of his senior year, he not only established himself as the best storyteller in the university but also achieved the rare distinction of being the first student-instructor by teaching a course on ‘Fundamentals of 3D Animation.’


His love for creative and technical storytelling led him to DreamWorks Animation India, where he worked as a Technical Director (TD) for three years on critically and commercially acclaimed films like How To Train Your Dragon 2, among others. He left DreamWorks as the only TD to have an artistic demo-reel. Kalyan spent his spare time developing video games and writing fiction stories - most notably, a 300-page fiction thriller novel, inspired by events in India.


In May 2018, Kalyan completed his Master's in Film Production from USC's prestigious School of Cinematic Arts with a focus in Writing, Directing and Visual Effects. At USC, Kalyan wrote over 15 short films, 2 feature screenplays and directed 5 films. He helped over 20 productions in various roles including Sound, Editing and Visual Effects. Kalyan also served as the President of the Visual Effects Society of USC. Possessing a rare blend of technical and creative skills that he can juggle with sophisticated dexterity at will, Kalyan aims to work at the intersection of storytelling and technology.

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