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Hi. I'm Kalyan. 


I grew up in Hyderabad, South India, during the great invasion of the 1990s -- when Cartoon Network, Hollywood blockbusters, and the Internet invaded Indian middle-class households. 

My formative years were a mish-mash of academics, cartoons, video games, creative writing competitions, unnecessary trivia, and an unhealthy obsession with Hollywood cinema, which laid the foundation for my eclectic creative palette. 

And if you're wondering - yes, I was a Computer Science Engineer (like most Indians from my generation), but that was before my obsession with storytelling led me from one of the best engineering schools in India to one of the best animation studios to one of the best film schools in the world. 

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Now as a STORYTELLER, I roam the wilderness of real, imaginary, and virtual worlds as a Writer, Director, Producer, Animator, Editor, and Game Designer to bring exciting tales to life. 

I believe that stories drive change. And I combine cutting-edge technology with emotional stories to ENTERTAIN and INSPIRE my audiences. 

TLDR - I love stories. I love people. I love working with people to tell stories that can inspire change. 

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